Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Special Feature: The Hollow World

This is a special Hollow Earth poem I made Based upon Jules Verne's 'Journey to the Center of the Earth':

The Hollow World


Kelston Hubler

Deep beneath our planet,
lies the ancient Hollow Earth,
saved by a sky of granite,
holding creatures since it's birth.

Just below the granite sky,
Pterosaurs still can fly,
Super Mushrooms, big as trees,
rarely attract giant bees.

Just below the stormy seas,
Pleisiosaurs, green as peas,
dance with purple Icthyosaurs,
sea-lizards, blind fish, and many more.

A 200-pound Gigantosaurus,
sings with raptorsaurs in chorus,
flocks of glowing, bright-blue Birds,
folow giant Mastodon herds.

Giant hairy caveman sing,
to Venus Fly-Traps ''Ding-a-Ling'',
and as Magnetic Boulders float,
the Giant Atlantean Lizards note:
'' even if you do get in,
getting out's not around the bin''!