Friday, July 11, 2014


Hello, the, like five people who read my blog!

You may have noticed I've been silent for about two months now.I had lots of stuff to do, not to mention a trip to Maui. Cool place, has great green screen backdrops. I have good news and bad news. The good news is, Antediluvian is still in production and has one shot and a couple narrations left to complete. The bad news, my earlier project, Much to Fear about summer, has been scrapped for now. It was a great idea, and I applaud my script writer for making a fantastic script, but I don't have the time or resources to make it. Even worse, the computer had a data overload, and the completed animation was one of the unfinished projects I had to sacrifice to save Antediluvian. Still, surviving footage will be reused, many of the puppets made for the film are under use by Antediluvian, and I still have the script. Maybe another time...

Anyway, onto Antediluvian. I only have two shots left, of a character in makeup. His role is undisclosed, but he needed a bat-like nose. I have never tried makeup before. I knew how to do it, but wasn't exactly sure. Originally, I was going to use a foam prosthetic for the nose dipped in latex, but it didn't look real and didn't fit. So, quickly, I had to develop a latex prosthetic...

Recently, I bought some Monster Clay off Amazon, a high-grade casting clay. Before, most characters with high detailed faces had to have plasticine faces. I was experimenting with this stuff, and learning from several casting videos, I decided to try it.

I sculpted the nose piece, and built a wall of crude plasticine out of it, made from old plasticine models.

Then, I poured a crude grade plaster of Paris inside. It dried in a couple hours, then I peeled away the wall to get the cast.

This part I was worried about the most, considering this wasn't the strongest plaster, but I peeled away the clay and got a perfect cast. Finally, I painted the latex, let it bake in the summer heat, and peel off the prosthetic.

Not a work of art, but still proud of it!

However, I still have some troubles. The schedule for makeup and attaching the beard and nosepiece is still up for debate, not to mention the troubles of removing spirit gum. Fortunately, I have more than one film on my plate, which I will talk about in my next post...

Hope you enjoyed it. Please comment.

Kelston Hubler.

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