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Hello, once again!

Antediluvian is probably not going to show on the blog. It's finished, I showed it on my birthday to great applause among family members, but I can't show it the blog due to various reasons(mainly, I don't know how to upload it yet). However, I can show you this raw footage from the film, which shows a fight between two apemen.

(note: I am also new to uploading videos. If it doesn't show, it's probably an accident).

Antediluvian was a great experience, and it has definitely given me a boost in knowledge when working on creatures.

In UNKNOWN SPECIES, when a Cryptid population is successfully captured, they are moved to the zoo, an underground storage facility ten feet beneath the pacific northwest, with simulated, fully function micro versions of their own enviroments, most of which span the length of three football fields. It is a massively expensive creation, however, which begins to be a problem, considering how few cryptids have been caught to far.

There are a few cryptids in the zoo, such as the Passenger Pidgeon and Marozi Lion. These would be built with simple photoshop techniques, since they only appear for a couple seconds on the security cameras. However, certain, stranger creatures required me to build some puppets.

The first is the Con Rit, a segmented sea serpent of the coast of Vietnam, most likely a Eurypterid, or prehistoric Sea Scorpion. I built the plated segments out of Sculpey, then drilled holes through it.

I then untwisted the ends of a wire pieces, then bends them into legs. I then wrapped string around his legs and glued broken toothpick ends to it's legs.

Finally, I ran a wire through the baked clay holes, glued the segments down, a glued the legs to the body. I also stuffed bits of miniature hay from a tiny vegetation set behind his gills, which look like hairs on crabs. Finally, I added plates to his front claws as a form of defense, like a mantis shrimp. I really like this creature, and is a quite realistic critter for the project.

Next up is the Tatzelwurm, a mysterious reptile in the Swiss Alps. A strange, Caecaelian-like reptile who burrows into trees, the tatzelwurm is a famous cryptid and a cool addition to the zoo. I designed the cryptid from a fake photo of the Tatzelwurm under a log, showed in Huevalman's on The Track of Unknown Animals. It's just a crude wood-cut, but the design is really cool and makes a great creature.  The entire skin was casted in a single piece, casted and filled with an armature, eyeballs, and teeth. I then built the lower jaw and painted the eyes.

I painted the creature, but forgot to take a picture. He is a really neat little puppet, but has trouble moving his arms since the claws get stuck un the drill-holes.

UNKNOWN SPECIES is extremely ambitious, but I think I can pull it off. I'm making a writer's room for the scripts and doing some early effects shots. I got more creatures to make for each episode.

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Kelston Hubler

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