Monday, January 12, 2015


It's 2015! OH YEAH!

(blows on that little thing that shoots out a role of paper like a chameleon tongue.)

Boy, pop culture has a big year ahead, with Jurassic World and the New Star Wars! So many cool new movies to check out.

Speaking of movies, once Atomic is wrapped up I'm going to work a cool fantasy epic called MU. I won't give away details yet, but it's basically set in fantasy world that progressed to the modern age. I won't give away any details, but the script is complete, and I'm manufacturing a couple puppets. More on them later.

Anywho, Im taking a crack at writing a novel, ARARANKHA. I also will refuse to disclose any information on the project, other than it's technothriller in the vein of Chrichton, and will have plenty of strange, freaky dinosaurs. It's inspired by my love of paleoart, and I have done a ton of research to make my creatures as accurate as possible.

I probably won't post again soon, production is rather slow on moviemaking. But to all those who love dinosaurs, monster movies, and science fiction:


Kelston Hubler

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