Sunday, February 8, 2015


Finally, my early draft is complete. From what my family has read of it, it has received rave reviews. I have developed some quite good digital art work for the story, and I hope one of my family members will read it soon enough.

The novel is basically a lost world story; explorers go to an uncharted area of the map to find animals long extinct. And, like all good paleofiction, the animsalds try their hardest to kill and eat the explorers.

While it is a fairly used concept, Ararankha is a fun exercise in world building. I love world building, it my opinion, it only builds to the credibility of the story to add a ton of detail and research to your creatures. I also love field guides, full of gorgeous artwork on strange creatures. One of my books in my collection is World of Kong, a WETA art book on the concept art of creatures in the 2005 movie, presented as a field guide. With absolutely beautiful artwork and some excellent world building, it is one of my personal favorite books.

So, my own book comes with an illustrated field guide to the lifeforms present in Ararankha, not all of them in the story. I have decided to show a couple creatures to you, some creatures present in the field guide.

Ararankha comes out basically whenever Im satisfied with it. Please comment.

Thanks for reading!

Kelston Hubler


  1. Very well done! I especially like the first creature and the bipedal crocodile.

  2. Thank you! The first creature is an anteater-like alvaresaurid, the crocodile is a crocodilymorph. They were extremely common in south America, and took a number of strange forms. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Congratulations on completing your novel! I look forward to having an opportunity to read it sometime in the future. Keep up the good work.

  4. Excellent! A very novel idea for a novel :)