Saturday, January 25, 2014


Here is my new updates on my creatures. Here is the dried skin:

Since the skin is finished, I will use it almost immediatley. Every time a new skin is peeled, at least several creatures get skin off it. Here's my Brontosaurus, Mokele, with her skin on:

I'm not happy with the way the skin turned out. The texture is fine, but I didn't apply it right. One part of her leg was constricting the foam and peeling the foot upwards, forcing me to cut the skin open. I will simply paint the cut and malformed foot as a wound from an attacking dinosaur.

This is my Proto-Dragon, now adorned with skin. I wrapped him up, ready to be painted. I will soon add wing membrane for his arms and wrap skin around his head.

Here's his head. It's designed so he can dislodge his jaw and shoot fire.

This is my Mylodon, a prehistoric ground sloth. He will be based on the old designs for ground sloths, such as a rudimentary trunk and tripod, godzilla-like stance. He is based off an old illustration in the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel At the Earth's Core (I don't know who drew it, it was black and white, and looked vaugely like Frank Frazzetta's work. Do you know who drew it?) It shows the heroes of the novel being chased by a prehistoric ground sloth. It will take on the Proto-Dragon later in the movie.

At last, here's my creatures, Mokele, the Proto-Dragon, my Titanavis, and my Mothman, waiting to be painted. My Mothman is not part of the project, he was just sitting up on my shelf, unfinished. So, I'm painting him.

I hoped you enjoyed my post! Please comment.


  1. Kelston, your skins look great on your creatures! Good job in turning the problem with the foot into something that looks intentional. Sometimes great results come from things that didn't turn out as we anticipated.
    - Auntie Amber & Uncle Troy

  2. Your creatures are just awesome!