Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hello, Everybody!

I have been working further on my project, and Have currently worked on some models. Here's what I got:

This is Hemmingway, my smilodon. She has finally got fur on herself. Fortunately, my dad, who's a hunter, had some animal skins in the attic he got from some other hunters.

I used some leather from a rabbit hide, and some fur of an unknown animal (I believe it was a fox). Poor animals.

This is my Titanavis, now complete and ready to be painted. I had a packet of fake feathers in an old storage box, so I used them to create my monster's feathers.

At last, here's my brontosaurus, Mokele. She's ready to have skin glued on. I create the leathered hides of my dinosaurs with liquid latex. My dad spreads out a tinfoil sheet, then crumples it, then unfolds it and crumples the edges (this is a trick I learned on the internet. Thank you whoever told me.) Then, my dad spreads vaseline over the sheet, then pours liquid latex over it. It dries over a few days, and it turns tan.

The latex dries, but doesn't fuse into the tinfoil due to the vaseline. Then, I peel it off and dry it.

Then, I glue it on my dinosaurs and paint it. (WARNING! Liquid latex contains ammonia, so you can't tough it or sniff it until it is dry).

I hoped you liked it.

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