Sunday, January 5, 2014


Here's a glimpse of my upcoming project, MUCH TO FEAR ABOUT SUMMER. It's based on a short story I wrote, inspired by the writings of Ray Bradbury and Edgar rice Burroughs. It's about a man, when caught in a particle accelerator accident, awakens in a mysterious dimension where dinosaurs and cavemen thrive, and all people fear summer. Here's a glimpse at some of my puppetts for the project:

This my dinosaur puppett, Ray. He was created out of parts of erector sets, liquid latex, wire, air conditioning foam, and sculpey. He can move almost every part of his body, and will have a major role in the film.

This is Ray on the animation table with my older dinosaur puppett, O'bie. O'bie is a personal favorite of minre due to the fact he was my first successful stop motion model.

Here's O'bie up close. He went through many repaints and revisions in his life as a stop motion model, and I learned a lot making him him.

This is my unfinished Saber-toothed tiger, Hemmingway. It will be quite some time before I can get some fur to put on her, so se will only have a minor role in the film. I'm still quite impressed with her, though.

This is my swamp man, Harold, and my pterodactyl, Charlie. Harold was made with a simple wire armature with a plumber's tape head and feet, with a plasticine face. His fur is fake vegatation and sticks glued over latex and fabric skin. Charlie also has a wire armature, with an upper jaw made of sculpey and teeth made of toothpicks. He was painted with accrylic paint and has latex skin. Both were made for an unfinished film about Cryptids, legendary creatures from across the planet. (Harold would be the Honey Island swamp monster and Charlie would be the Duah).  Here they are post-animation, hanging out.

This is my pterodactyl, Edgar. He has a minor role as an O'bie Bird (In King Kong, Willis O'brien would animate tiny birds that flied across the screen on wires while the dinosaurs and King Kong duke it out). He is a dimorphodon, a tiny pterodactyl that scavenged and hunted insects. I'm really glad how he turned out.

These are some models that will have roles in the film. My Brontosaurus, Mokele, and my Stegosaurus, Patrick. Next to them is one of my dinosaur toys and a stop motion monster for one of my unfinished films, MU. He is a kaiju (Japanese for "giant monster", like Godzilla). He's based on the Japanese folk monster Namazu, a giant catfish that causes earthquakes.

Well, that's all I'll show you for now. I hoped you enjoyed it.

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  1. Kelston, your puppets are amazing. I really like Ray. He demonstrates how your puppet-making skills have grown since your first puppets. I look forward to seeing your movie "Much to Fear About Summer." Keep at it!