Saturday, January 18, 2014


Behold, the spectacular empire of Mammut, home of the Neanderthals, in MUCH TO FEAR ABOUT SUMMER. In the story, the Neanderthals (a species of prehistoric human with a large lower jaw and a portruding brow) escape attacking dinosaurs by suspending their city in the air, on wooden pillars and trees. Here is it, in basic form:

The upper half of the set is a wooden sheet cut out by my dad. It was originally a set for a King-Kong-like monster movie I planned long ago, DOUGHNUT ISLAND, where a paper Pterodactyl god roamed, but the movie was never made, and the wooden island sat there for years on end, until I made it the top half of my village. I plan to cover the whole top in toothpicks, so it looks like planks of wood.

This is my giant birch tree that will support the village. I planned all the wooden pillars to be trees, but I didn't have enough paper to make trunks. My new idea is that Mammut started being built around the tree, but as it got bigger, they made giant pillars out of nearby trees to help support it. Another changed idea is that when Ray attacks it in the end, he was going to break the birch tree and cause the village to topple, so he gan get at the neanderthals. However, the wire mesh armature insifde the tree is under too muxcch pressure, so I may just have Ray attack the village. The "peeling" look was created by wrapping black paper around thw wire armature, then taking a white sheet, ripping holes in it, then wrap it around the black paper.

This is the wire armature for the top of the birch tree, exploding through the wooden platform. I plan to put a wooden shack inside it, for my saber-tooth Hemmingway to live.

This is my statue that will be put in the city. He's a Sirrush, a dragon from Sumerian mythology. For those of you who don't know, the Sirrush is a monster depicted on the Ishtar Gates of Babylon. The monster is believed to be based off of traveler's sightings of living dinosaurs. The creature is depicted here as a religous figure, a guardian. He's made of sculpey clay, ready to be baked.

Also, in other news, here's what my dinosaur thinks of the new background:


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