Saturday, January 18, 2014

New monsters

Here's a look at some new monsters for the film I've made recently:

This is my Titanavis, a kind of prehistoric bird. Most of his feathers and beak are missing, but I'm happy with him for now. I wanted a simple menacing creature, another prehistoric creature to add some flavor. Unlike other Terror birds, Titanavis actually had claws, like a dinosaur. His big toes are unused clay toes for O'bie, and his feather were from another, older project.

This mysterious creature is my Proto-Dragon.  Unlike my other creatures, I had no armature to use, until my Mom gave me Tuber and Zots fpor my birthday. They are perfect for making tentacles, tails, necks, and snakes! For his teeth, I wanted to give him a crocodilian look. He will menace our heroes by breathing fire.

This is my mole creature. He is a cross between a megatheirium and a star-nose mole, another pseudo-prehistoric beast to do battle with the proto-dragon. He is a simple armature at the moment, but soon he will be on the move.

I hoped you enjoyed my post!

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